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Investment Car Brokers can buy your car outright or sell it on a Consignment basis. If your car is not something that would fit us to purchase outright, it may be a fit for our Consignment Program. Typically, the Seller will realize a greater sales price with the Consignment option. Below we will contrast the difference in selling at auction vs. selling in our Consignment Program. Auction is a popular avenue currently to sell Collector Cars. This is mostly fueled by the extensive television coverage of late. We recommend this in certain rare circumstances, but in most circumstances, it can prove to be more costly than benefiting. There is often approximately 30% lost between the buyer and seller by selling this route. For example: The Seller has a $50,000 car. He takes it to a typical collector car auction. The entry fee is $1,000, the commission for selling the car is another 10% and the buyer’s premium for the buyer is another 10%. Also, the Seller must ship the car to the auction and the Buyer has to ship the car from the auction to their residence or facility after purchasing it. We’ll call the shipping cost for purposes of this example $1,000 to the auction and $1,000 from the auction. So, if the seller is lucky enough to sell the car for his full $50,000, he or she will get $45,000 from the auction company. When the seller backs his shipping and entry fee out of the deal, he or she realizes that they have only netted $43,000 for the vehicle. So, the vehicle sold for $50,000 across the block and the Seller netted $43,000 of it. In addition, the Buyer had a buyer’s premium of 10%. So, the buyer has to write a check to the auction company for $55,000 and pay $1,000 shipping to get it home. So, the Buyer laid out $56,000 for the same car where the Seller collected $43,000. So, there are $13,000 of costs to sell this vehicle in this manner. Keep in mind that this scenario does not account for travel expenses, meals, hotels, time off work, etc. to attend the auction.

Our Consignment Program is unlike anyone else’s in the industry that we are familiar with. We are not in the storage business. We do not charge our Consignment Customers storage or rent every month to have their vehicle at our facility. We are in the business to market your car to the appropriate parties that will guarantee you the maximum value. We don’t accept all vehicles in this program. But if your vehicle is accepted, it is the best deal in the industry. With our Consignment Program the Seller pays $0.00, nothing, zilch, unless the vehicle sells. We put our money, in the form of storage, advertising, our time, etc., where our mouth is. If we don’t sell your car, it comes out of our pocket. For example, using the same scenario as above. The Seller wants $50,000 for his/her vehicle. The Seller enters into a Consignment Agreement with Investment Car Brokers. The agreement states that the Seller is to net $50,000 whenever the vehicle sells. Investment Car Brokers advertises the vehicle for $54,500 and targets it to its captive specific audience that follows all its inventory. Investment Car Brokers negotiates with the Buyer and ends up selling the vehicle for $53,500. The Seller gets a check for $50,000. Say the Seller paid $1,000 to get the car to us and the Buyer paid $1,000 to get the car shipped to them. The Seller netted after all expenses $49,000 and the Buyer ended up laying out only $54,500 for the vehicle, including shipping to their front door. As the Seller, I’m sure that a net sale for $49,000 sounds much better than $43,000. Plus, we just saved the Buyer $2,500 as well over buying it at auction. We literally market all our vehicles on over 400 websites! Plus we have targeted audience email and ad campaigns specifically designed to get the word to the appropriate parties that you vehicle is available for purchase. We also market every vehicle through the most popular Social Media networks. We can arrange for your car to be picked up from your place and handle all the headache and paperwork until it is sold. For any further interest or to see if your car is eligible to be purchased or for our Consignment Program, email or give us a call.

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